Help Make Difficult Podcasts Even More Difficult

Difficult Podcasts is not only difficult to produce but also a bit costly. Hosting fees, dev time, and (ironically) membership infrastructure aren’t cheap. Our goal is to keep our shows entirely member-supported and ad-free, like public radio.

Help us stay free for those who can’t afford to pay.

Subscription Tiers

There are two levels of subscription support:

Support at the Listener level gets our undying thanks, admission to the Difficult Podcasts Slack channel, and a spot in the Listener rolls below.

Support at the Founder level gets our undying thanks expressed verbally in an actual episode, mention in that episode’s show notes, plus admission to the Difficult Podcasts Slack channel and a spot in the Founder rolls below.

Join us today and help support Difficult Podcasts. Because while nothing is ever easy (not even podcasts) it’s more fun with friends.