Gabe, Potatowire, and Erik talk about Coffee DRM, Breathalizers, Python, Ruby, Pythonista, Editorial, thumb typing, iOS and Android app cultures, styluses, and spider bites.

Truth in Advertising

Drunk Modes

Python Guy

Seriously, Back to Python

  • Resizing and cropping images for fun and profit
  • Macdrifter Editorial workflow for images
  • Workflow distorts images
  • The fiddler
  • Breaking iOS within the Rules
  • Ruin your life with Pythonista
  • Doxing oneself
  • Peak scripting
  • “Exhaustive” app research instead of scripting
  • Kids ruin Daddy’s concentration
  • Actually creating script on iOS
  • “It’s all Ole”, i.e. genius
  • Tasker as Android’s uglier utilty tool
  • Scripting: The Nerd’s Song
  • Inability to read documentation indicates a lack of seriousness
  • “Big-boned phone”

Forcing Apple Evolution

  • Constraints foster creativity
  • Android’s freedom and iOS’s artisanal app market
  • CyanogenMod
  • Android text editors are nothing special, however, ssh plus Vim is wonderous
  • iOS-only as clickbait
  • Quitting the internet as clickbait
  • The misjudged Federico article
  • Peak iPad
  • Thumb-typing



Spider bites and Farewells