Stuck in a hotel room in San Diego, Erik tries to find a working microphone and cell connection. Eventually he joins Dawn Patrol for their second episode, which largely focuses on Gabe's shiny new iPhone 6 Plus and its implications for the future of humanity.

While sorting out Erik’s Skype issues, the guys ponder the possibilities and challenges of microphone helmets, idea guys, the King Fire, the microphone show redux, Potato Hacks, what potatoes drive, and the frightening dangers of irresponsible anthropomorphization.

Then they get down to business, discussing Gabe’s first foray into mobile macrotelephony, Potatowire, Bob, and Erik’s experiences in the world of Android, whether many of the greatest iOS apps would ever have been developed on Android in the first place, and whether the new phones and iOS 8 are cool enough to make any of them want to switch back.