Bob orders a new MacBook and Apple Watch at 12:01 AM. Erik asks how that went. Queuebit tests out our new live interaction workflow.

Also discussed:

  • MacBooks may (according to an Apple Store Employee) not be available for same-day purchase in the Apple Store for a long time, if ever
  • From listener @queuebit: What purchase makes the most sense - Apple Watch, MacBook, or Tesla Model S
  • Whether Apple’s new approach to online-first sales will leave Apple Stores filled with gawkers and people with broken Apple products waiting for service
  • Follow up on the Charge HR and wearing it too tightly
  • The Garmin Fenix 3
  • The Withings fitness and sleep tracking ecosystem

We’re testing out a few things with our broadcasting setup, and we’re really excited about how it’s going so far.

We tried out Periscope for live video streaming last episode and while experienced had some bumps, it went great. The best thing we added this week was producer Mark Vanderclay to handle the chatroom and live listener questions.

We’re also starting a YouTube channel for episode video. This week it’s in ugly (Periscope generated) portrait orientation with terrible audio, but we plan to fix that with true landscape video and high-quality audio next week.

If that’s not enough to turn you off, the first video episode is embedded below.